Clay: RAW or WTS Stoneware, Porcelain

Glazes: Celadon, Shino,Temple White

Stripes: Black, Indigo, Iron, Rainbow, Red, Red Orange

Images: All images are painted by hand

Rope: Bells are assembled with 6’ of Hemp Rope, Birdhouses 8’. Each rope is bound on each end with Hemp Twine

Luster: Some pieces have either White Gold luster or Yellow Gold Luster. White gold contains 5% real gold. Premium Gold contains 10% real gold.

Felted Rope: All felted rope is hand felted in house with dyed wool roving

Hemp Rope & Twine: Organically grown in Europe and processed without chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Sweatshop- Free

Wood: All components made of wood are hand crafted of reclaimed Walnut or White Oak in Brooklyn by artist Michael Miritello

Twine: Waxed nylon twine is used to assemble mobiles, curtains and suspend bell knockers

Cotton Cord: Paraffin waxed cotton cord made in the USA is used to assemble Ornaments

Fabric: Fabric tassels are hand dyed and made in house

Glass: Glass is hand blown by artisans in the USA