Holiday Bells- Thank you LA Times!

Thank you! Janet Kinosian for including me in your LA Times holiday bell story, it's a sweet thing to see so many diverse bells...Love it.


Studio Sale Thank You!

A friend sent me this photo of our kids making sand angels on the beach in the dark. I'd like to be transported there for just 20 minutes to squeeze their little bodies and chase them around for a bit and hug Elsie and kiss her little face and touch her hair. I can almost feel the cold sand on my feet and the smooth skin on her face.

When I think back, one thing I wish most often is that I had not been so stressed/worried/busy while I was planning, prepping, getting ready for something, some event...What I'm really tuning into these days is that so much of the event or whatever, IS the actual preparation, the build up...that there is so much to be enjoyed there if I can take a little edge off. And so, when when the 'thing' happens, be it a birthday, a holiday, a studio sale or a bonfire on the beach, then it's the cherry on top of a lot of work and fun and life, rather than the 'ok, well, that's that, or 'is that all?' or 'phew I"m glad that's over.'

I thought about this as we all prepped for my studio sale. Hanging the lights, washing the floor, painting work to sell, buying food and drinks etc. I really dug into all the moments and enjoyed them rather than rushing around, stressed etc.  I had a great time working with my studio assistants & studio mates who make the thing- the thing. I made a video for Instagram of Betsy & Tiana slow dancing to some 70's disco song in the newly opened up dance floor in the studio, only to lose it unsaved forever, only remembered as a passing joyous moment, no cyber witness.

I'm thinking this is what they mean when they say the journey is the destination.

So thank you my studio assistants who make it all possible & to everyone who came, you are the cherry on top. I just wish I had more time to talk and hang and meet people.