'...human history, really — is full of evidence that we’re not here long, that we should get our houses in order and do something of value with our time.'

From this NYTimes article on Adam Yauch


The Veda House & Totokaelo

NICE PHOTO from The Veda House

Daily Candy Shopkeepers Gift Picks

Sending out a huge Thank You to Jill at Totokaelo in Seattle for the shout out in Daily Candy. Pretty much the best store ever in so many ways. Check it out.


Thank you Ravi Shankar

This song inspired and was the soundtrack all my Sanskrit work in jewelry. Thank you Ravi Shankar.
Click HERE to hear it.

Oh Master,show some compassion on me,
Please come and dwell in my heart.
Because without you, it is painfully lonely,
Fill this empty pot with the nectar of love.

I do not know any Tantra, Mantra or ritualistic
worship i know and believe only in you.
I have been searching for you all over all the world,
please come and hold my hand now.


The Solar System

For most people, life on earth is hard. For the lucky ones it is merely hectic. No wonder we get caught up in our daily lives. We look down rather than up. We ignore the face that we live on a tiny speck of rock suspended in an unutterable
vastness of empty space. But above the thin skin of the atmosphere are other worlds. Worlds where 100 year old hurricanes are raging, ice volcanoes are erupting, gargantuan lightning bolts are leaping between cloud tops and moons. These things have been happening for billions of years, but it is only now that we can see them in glorious close-up. We are extraordinarily privileged to be alive...Welcome to the sun and planets, the moons and comets and chunks of assorted rubble...


Lauren Wolf of Esqueleto on Design Sponge

Lauren Wolf, jewelry designer, store in Oakland....click her pic to head to Design Sponge



Striped stoneware bells included in the gardenista.com post. Check it out HERE


Joanna Macy interview 'On Being'

This interview is so beautiful I've listened to it many times.

Cool Hunting 2012 Gift Guide

My jewel included in the Cool Hunting 2012 Gift Guide!

The List Collective

A big THANK YOU to Elaine at The List Collective in her post on Garde!


The Future Perfect

Check out link to The Future Perfect fall update on coolhunting.com




missing piece

Oh, I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go
lookin' for my missin' piece


The Fashion Informer

The Fashion Informer by Lauren David Peden- writer/editor/creative director and kind soul.


Available on Ashes & Milk!

Collection of bells available Ashes & Milk. Also a small interview with rambling on- here. Check out the other very beautiful work she offers.



Prospect Park Gathering

Sunday July 22nd was a beautiful summer day. I was lucky to be invited to participate in a 'Gathering at Prospect Park' organized by David Ribbons & Sam Fleishner - an adventure that began with the map and lovely handwritten directions. We (Bobby, niece Jordyn, daughter Elsie) had a relaxing but very invigorating 'picnic' kind of day filled with interesting people, great work, fun activities and performances. Below are some photos of the '8 Bells'. More pics and photos of other participants work/perfomances/projects on my site.


Totokaelo in Seattle

MQuan at Totokaelo in Seattle....


Installation at Canyon Ranch, MA

I just did an installation of work at Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts. For more pictures of the tree installation click HERE


American Craft Council! Thank you!

Connect HERE. Thank you Brittany!


Flora Grubb in SF!

check out Flora Grubb in San Francisco.....




Twisted Rope Bell looking pretty in Austin TX, Yeehaw!


More about GARDE in LA on Remodelista.com!

Read about Garde, a beautiful new store in LA on remodelista.com



Jewels on designsponge.com and @ Scosha in Brooklyn

Thanks Grace again for posting about the glazed jewels at Scosha...

Thanks Remodelista.com & Una in Portland!

Here's a write up about the jingle bells. Not necessarily the right story, but close and damn it sounds good anyways.