Studio Pics & Interview up on The Shopkeepers!

Thank you Paula for coming by and taking such beautiful pics that capture the spirit of the studio!
Check it all out at The Shopkeepers Blog HERE


The Three Graces by Sally Mann


Accord- ing to the Japanese language dictionary Kojien (Shinmura, 1998), the definition of yutori is “a state with sufficiency and ease.” 

'And a girl, in fact, wrote me a note in Yokohama on the day that I was leaving her school that has come to be the most significant note any student has written me in years. She said, “Well, here in Japan, we have a concept called ‘yutori.’” And it is spaciousness. It’s a kind of living with spaciousness. For example, it’s leaving early enough to get somewhere so that you know you’re going to arrive early, so when you get there, you have time to look around. Or — and then she gave all these different definitions of what yutori was to her.' Naomi Shihab Nye


Lost & Found in LA, CA

Remodelista did a lovely story about Jamie Rosenthal's stores Lost & Found in LA & Santa Monica and included some pics of my work. Thank you Meredith & Jamie!!

Matter of Hand

2 Super sweet and smart girls from Barnard College visited my studio and interviewed me for their blog Matter of Hand. When I read this I can hear myself talking really fast...hopefully I was breathing.


NYC&G Studio Visit

Sweet story about making the bells in NYC by Kelly Veloci! Thank you NYC&G...

InStyle Home & Design!

My Indigo striped dog bowl, which is glazed inside and can really be used for anything...was show in this months Instyle Home & Design story on Lea Michele's LA home! Thank you!

In the Company of Women

Grace Bonney of Design Sponge asked me last year to participate in a book she was creating 'In the Company of Women'. I just got my copy and holy cow! It's amazing. I am so honored to be included in this book with all of these kick-ass women who have started creative businesses. I LOVE how diverse it is, writers, musicians, designers, makers, craftspeople, the river runs WIDE & DEEP. Yet still it's a moment in time, a slice of the pie, the well is much deeper and there are so many more amazing women out there- Cheers to you all!
Ayumi Horie created this video to celebrate the fellow ceramicists, and Remodelista did a story here.
And here's moi...photographed by Sasha Israel

bon appétit!

Thank you bon appetit for featuring my moon phases bell!