Allen Ginsberg

It seems like a cosmic vision, only because we've been literally cut off from our maximum organic awareness so long. Someone stuck in a dead universe all his life suddenly wakes up & sees the whole universe alive, including himself. It could be nervewracking if you've invested your whole life in the wrong universe, which most everybody has by now. But this is the space age. Overpopulation, electronic communication networks worldwide, planetary death threat with bombs, escalation of irrational hostilities, moment of leaving the planet in space-ships—and opening up of chemistries that alter consciousness & take all this into account with total Awe. So it's no wonder that it seems strange for the older folks. History's accelerating like technology's accelerated. Can't go back. We can blow the whole show up. Or we can calm fear, see the world is really changing, like a dream, & go explore & help each other through. It's all safe because as Einstein & the Buddhists secretly tipped everybody off long ago: the whole show is a harmless wave-illusion. That may be hard to take but it's better than going mad and seeing devils in every comer in typical prespace-age American Style. Allen Ginsberg


GRDN in Brooklyn

Nice article on GRDN in Brooklyn on gardenista.com. LOVE the bells amidst the ferns...