Rob Brezny, my triangle for the year.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Avoid pain and pursue pleasure. Be kind, not cruel. 
Abstain from self-pity and ask for the help you need. Instead of 
complaining, express gratitude. Dodge time-wasting activities and do 
things that are meaningful to you. Shun people who disrespect you and 
seek the company of those who enjoy you. Don't expose yourself to 
sickening, violent entertainment; fill your imagination up with uplifting 
stories. Does the advice I'm offering in this horoscope seem overly simple 
and obvious? That's no accident. In my opinion, what you need most in 
2016 is to refresh your relationship with fundamental principles.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Many of the atoms that compose your flesh 
and blood were not part of your body 12 months ago. That's because 
every year, 98 percent of you is replaced. Old cells are constantly dying, 
giving way to new cells that are made from the air, food, and water you 
ingest. This is true about everyone, of course. You're not the only one 
whose physical form is regularly recycled. But here's what will be unique 
about you in 2016: Your soul will match your body's rapid 
transformations. In fact, the turnover is already underway. By your next 
birthday, you may be so new you'll barely recognize yourself. I urge you 
to take full charge of this opportunity! Who do you want to become?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You know what physical hygiene is. But are 
you familiar with imaginal hygiene? Educator Morgan Brent defines it like 
this: "Imaginal hygiene is the inner art of self-managing the imagination, 
to defend it from forces that compromise, pollute, colonize, shrink, and 
sterilize it, and to cultivate those that illuminate, expand, and nourish it." 
It's always important for everyone to attend to this work, but it's 
especially crucial for you to focus on it in 2016. You will be exceptionally 
creative, and therefore likely to generate long-lasting effects and 
influences out of the raw materials that occupy your imagination.


J.Crew East Hampton Installation

Very honored to have a piece hanging in the new J.Crew store in East Hampton. Piece is 7' wide, by 5' long. White oak bevelled rod, hemp rope, stoneware discs, & porcelain feather bones.


NYTimes Gift Guide- Dog Bowls!

A portion of the online sales of these dog bowls will be donated to Animal Haven in NYC where we got our dog Sparrow 5 years ago. Click on the pics to link to the NYTimes. Many thanks to Rima Suqi!